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Protect the Dream (Bullying and Drug Prevention)
Keynote & Assembly

In this highly interactive program your students will experience a strength show that has entertained, engaged, and inspired over 150,000 students across the US. Jonathan will inspire you organization or school to Persevere Until Success Happens (PUSH) and protect their dreams. Whether they need to protect it from bullying, drugs and alcohol, or anything trying to take down their dreams, your students will be able to PUSH. Let Jonathan know if you want someone specific to do a PUSH up with.

Be an All Star Student Leader in a Snap
Keynote or Workshop

SnapchatStudent will learn the 5 major keys to Raise the Bar in their Student Leadership. In this highly engaging and interactive keynote or workshop Jonathan will give leaders steps to improve immediately. Your students will be inspired to Lead and take away practical steps to lead themselves, organizations, their school, and community. Let Jonathan know if some needs to Raise the Bar and get in the Leadership game.

Learn 60 Secret Tips to Influencing others with Social Media tools on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & more.

Luchar: Harvest to Harvard
Parental Involvement, Migrant, Latino Leadership

In this English, Spanish, or bilingual presentation Jonathan will share motivational story of how he went from working in fields after school to playing on the field and being recruited to schools like, Harvard, Stanford, and more. Jonathan followed the advice of his grandfather, “En esta vida hay que luchar” Jonathan’s strength show will show students, parents, & educators how to fight (luchar) for students to accomplish their dreams.

GEAR UP for College & Career Development

This award winning program helps students, staff, & parents Gain the Early Awareness with 101 expert soft skills needed to gain the Readiness needed to have success in Undergraduate Programs & Career Development. Jonathan gives students the specific tools needed for getting A’s, getting Hired, & getting a career in todays job market including careers in STEM.

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